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Feelings of defeat may permeate your love life near September 4 when Venus opposes Neptune harshly.

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But a cataclysmic full moon in Pisces on September 14 is what will really send your love life spinning off its axis, Scorp. You may discover something unpleasant that cannot be forgotten or fixed. It will feel as if a genie has escaped from a bottle—and cannot be reversed. Mars, your secondary ruling planet, will draw a sharp angle to slippery Neptune at this time, creating a feeling of frustration and failure.

Mercury and Venus will both be transiting through your 12th House of the Subconscious, stimulating your self-reflection and supporting any outside help or therapies you seek, like counseling.


A Libra new moon energizes this same area of your chart on September 28, driving home the message that only you are responsible for your own happiness. Your career is on fire this September—literally! The Red Planet creates powerful links to the Sun on September 2, Saturn on the 9th, and Pluto on the 19th, indicating that this will be a monumental month for making strides towards a professional goal, especially one connected to sales, communications, and marketing.

Whatever you work on has dollar-signs—and long-term potential—written all over it! The only monkeywrench in your otherwise high vibe will come on September A complex Pisces full moon will wreak havoc in your 11th House of Friendships. You may become distracted by some bad news involving a close friend, or you may be sidelined by a petty fight. This unpleasant part of the month will temporarily hinder you from manifesting your goals — but it will quickly pass.

Mercury and Venus will both be touring your 11th House, giving you extra oomph when it comes to making great impressions and forming new friendships. Single Sags will have great luck in love by circulating socially, too. A Libra new moon occurs in this same friendly area of your chart on September 28, delivering freshness and balance to your social life. Go where the love is. Your career takes flight after September 14, thanks to both Mercury and Venus shooting into your professional 10th House.

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Sparking up an office romance is possible with Venus in your 10th House. Alternatively, your lover could be a cornerstone in achieving career goals by connecting you to an influential professional network. Strike while the iron is hot. The whole mess comes to a climax near September 14, when a catastrophic full moon in Pisces crashes into your income sector.

Mars and Neptune will also form sharp angles on this day, impacting your attitude with feelings of hopelessness. Help is just around the corner, though: On September 19, Mars trines Pluto delivering impactful assistance. Love is expansive after September 14, thanks to Mercury and Venus hanging out in your philosophical 9th House. Singles will be motivated to seek out love interests who can broaden their intellectual horizons, while attached Aquas delve into exploring the spiritual and cerebral connections shared with their sweethearts.

A new moon in sister Air sign Libra lights up that same area of your chart on September 28, delivering a golden opportunity to travel abroad or begin an academic endeavor. September highlights love and partnerships, and can either be a blissful month of mutual respect and romance or one of disillusionment and deceit. Love planet Venus will harshly oppose your ruling planet Neptune on September 4, followed by a slippery full moon in your sign on September 14; Mars will also draw a sharp angle to Neptune on the 14th.

You will no longer have the leisure of escaping difficulties in your love life. A Libra new moon energizes this same area of your chart on September 28, giving you the green light to make significant money moves. E-mail Address.

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